Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Register Online for the 2015 Humboldt Fastpitch Girls Recreational Softball Season!

We are pleased to open registration for the 2015 Season of Humboldt Fastpitch, the Recreation Division of Mad River Girls Fastpitch Softball!  Registration will remain open until March 1, 2015, after which late registration will commence. Registration after the deadline will be subject to availability and a $20.00 late registration fee.  However, players are asked to register early through the online system as it will help our all-volunteer staff to organize and schedule the 2015 Season. Note that late registration will close on March 14, 2015, after which parents must contact Regional Rec Program Representatives or the Board of Directors to be added to a wait list, and will be notified and allowed to register late if space is available.

The RECREATION DIVISION SOFTBALL SKILL ASSESSMENT is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, Feb 22nd at the Field House on the Humboldt State University Campus and will run from 10 am to 3 pm.  Please note players 8 years old and under (8U division) do not need to attend the assessment. However, if an 8U player wishes to play up an age division they must attend the assessment. Specific times for the assessment for each age group are as follows: 
  • Age 10 and under at 10:30 am
  • Age 12 and under at 12:00 pm 
  • Age 14/16 and older at 1:30. 
Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your age-specific assessment time to allow time to check in at the registration table and to warm up!  We need to stress the importance of attendance at the assessment as player evaluations will allow effective distribution of players to teams.
We highly encourage you to pay the registration fee online by credit card.  However, if you must pay by check/cash, please print the confirmation page and provide with your payment so we can properly credit your account.  For those unable to pay by credit card using our secure online system, payment may be made on-site at the assessment or mailed to MRGFS Registrar, PO Box  4361, Arcata, CA 95518.
For more information about the Mad River Girls Fastpitch Softball Association, Its Recreational Program Humboldt Fastpitch, or its Competitive Travel Program, the Mad River Mist, check out the fact sheet and posts on our website at, browse our facebook site, or click the Questions link at the bottom of the page!

Other Softball News

Important Tentative Dates:
Mid-March:                   Practices Start
April-                             Game Play will begin
May 1-3                         Opening Tourney
May-                              Game Play continues
June 5-7                          Finale Tourney
Upcoming Clinics:
Humboldt State is offering their weekend clinic January 24-25.  Information and registration can be accessed via:

2014 Uniforms
We still have several uniforms outstanding from the 2014 softball season.  The return of the uniform would be greatly appreciated for inventory and ordering purposes in preparation for 2015.  Traci Niles is our uniform coordinator and works for Umpqua Bank.  She has made arrangements so that uniforms can be dropped off at any Umpqua Bank in your local community and it will get to her!  Jerseys missing and the total number missing per team include:

Tide: 9 missing
Thunder:  24 missing
Breeze:  11 missing
Flash:  30 missing
Storm:  3 missing
Fire:  3 missing
Smash:  1 missing
Crush:  2 missing
Edge:  7 missing

Travel Softball
Humboldt Fastpitch offers travel softball through the Mad River MIST organization.  If any of you have an interest, please let us know.  We communicate electronically as much as possible and would love to add you to the travel softball email list.  Stay tuned for Travel Softball announcements.  

If you have any further questions regarding the 2015 Humboldt Fastpitch Softball Season please let us know at your earliest convenience.  Thanks!

~the Mad River-Humboldt Fastpitch Board

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Looking to help support youth athletics in our community and earn a bit of extra cash in the process?  Consider being an umpire with Humboldt Fastpitch!    
Umpire training for the 2015 fastpitch season is scheduled for all interested individuals for Sunday March 22nd from 2-6 pm on the Humboldt State University Campus.  If you are interested in this unique and rewarding opportunity, please send us an email at and we will get you in contact with our League's Umpire in Chief. Thanks!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fall Ball Anyone!

Mad River Mist is the travel division for Humboldt Fastpitch.  Mad River is actively seeking participants, ages 8 to 18, for the 2014 Fall season.  The Fall season essentially runs September to the beginning of November.  Here are the nuts and bolts for those who might be interested:
  1. Registration Fees:   Fall ball participation will be $50 for new travel ball players.  Registration fees cover the costs of practice facilities, disposable equipment, and player registration.  
  2. Tournament Fees:   Attendance to tournaments requires a $100 tournament fee per tournament unless other fundraising or financial arrangements have been made.  Tournament fees contribute toward tournament entry fees, miscellaneous tournament expenses,  and the travel expenses of our volunteer travel coaches who commit time, effort, and resources to the program.
  3. Tournaments:  The goal is to attend one tournament in September, one tourney in October with the exception of the older players participating in the showcase, and we would like to attend a tourney in November.  Our tournament considerations are:
Anyone interested may RSVP their participation by clicking the link below:
4.  Practice:  Practice through the Fall will be on Sundays, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Practices will bounce between Bartow Field at Rohner Park in Fortuna and the Arcata Sports Complex.   Arcata Sports Complex tentative practice dates include:   8/17, 8/31, 9/14, 10/5, and 10/19...unspecified Sundays will be at Bartow Field in Fortuna.  
5.  Questions:   Any questions can be directed via email to or to our facebook pages:
Mad River Girls Softball:

Humboldt Fastpitch:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Attention all ASA Softball Players

McK Little League is hosting an end-of-season party at Hiller Sports Complex this Sunday, June 15th starting at 1pm and has invited all ASA softball players to attend.  Hot dogs and Hamburgers will be provided by Little League and bbq’d on site!  Please bring your favorite side dishes or salads, drinks, or there will be beverages for sale from the snack bar.  We are sincerely hoping to have a LOT of people there!  They have made plans for a dunk tank, a bounce house, and hopefully a home run derby, and some parents vs. players friendly ball games, and who knows what else we might be doing that day!  We want to have a lot of fun and just get together as a big community/family and enjoy the day together!  Thank you Mck Little League for being such a wonderful partner! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Updated SIngle Elimination Brackets Posted

Please check the Sunday Single Elimination Brackets very carefully!  Many changes have happened over the last 48 hours that have impacted the original brackets that were sent out.  The brackets are as follows:

10u Sunday  - June 2014 Ver 2

12u Sunday  - June 2014

14u Sunday  - June 2014

Good luck to all teams in the final stage of the weekend!  Additionally, please remember to bring an extra t-shirt for your player to change into.  Uniform collection will occur after the conclusion of your team's tournament.  Coaches, please return your uniforms and equipment to your respective locations.  There will be collection tables at Hiller near Hiller Big, the Spirit Wear table near the snack bar at the Sports Complex, and at Washington School, gear and uniforms can be given to Ageana Brett or Katrina Anderson. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of Season Finale Tournament

Just as fast as the 2014 Humboldt Fastpitch softball season has started, it seems it comes
to a close with the FINALE SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT.  Once again, 41 teams have been manipulated in locations throughout the county.  Some teams will again play Friday night in their respective "local" areas but then each age bracket will have a specific tournament location for the remainder of the tournament.  

As we close out our 2014 season, please be reminded that spectator sportsmanship is very important to role modeling of our youth.  Even though we invite elevated levels of competition with tournament play, please keep in mind that in the end, it is just a game...  this is a youth recreation program!  Lessons of good sportsmanship, new friendships, value of teamwork and exercising respect for officials far outweighs wins and losses in the development of our players.      
Thank you so much for your participation with Humboldt Fastpitch.  Upon conclusion of your daughter's tournament play, coaches have been requested to collect all Humboldt Fastpitch uniforms and equipment and check it in at designated equipment check in tables at each respective site.  Please have on hand an extra t-shirt for your player so that uniforms may be collected immediately for prompt return back to the organization. Yes, we want them even if they are dirty!  Uniforms will be cleaned, inventoried, and sorted for the 2015 season compliments of the Niles Family!  Finally, if you still happen to have a jersey (old or new) from previous years, it would be much appreciated if it was returned at the Finale Tournament.  Good luck to all teams!  Critical tournament information below:  

Tournament rules are as follows:
in accordance with our Humboldt Fastpitch Tournament League Rules:
Specific tournament locations and brackets are as follows:

8u = Arcata Sports Complex
10u = Hiller Park in McKinleyville
Pony Express Days is also this weekend so please be sure to leave plenty of time to navigate through the extra traffic and parade!  If anyone is interested in participating in the parade, please meet at the Bettendorf Trucking big rig on Murray Road, usually near the Baptist Church around 9:30am on Saturday, June 7th. Wear your jersey!
12u = Arcata Sports Complex


14u = Washington School in Eureka


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Single Elimination Brackets Posted

Sorry all for the late post! This stuff takes time! Forty-one teams to factor, 4 sites to close down, and files and emails to prepare and coaches to contact. In spite of the delay, we hope you all enjoyed a beautiful day. Here is how the single elimination brackets fell out- check for game times and locations: 


Please, lets all be on our best of behavior for Sunday Play and set a proper example of sportsmanship to the youth of our community.  Try thanking an official for providing their services...  they do the best they can and for little reimbursement.  Most of all, remember...  This is YOUTH RECREATIONAL SOFTBALL - not the word series. The most important outcome of the day is not whether your team wins or loses, but HOW YOU HANDLE WINS and LOSSES.   Sportsmanship is Key!   

ON THE SPOT will be at BARTOW FIELD at Rohner Park in Fortuna tomorrow if you missed the chance to have a customized sweatshirt put together!  Don't forget you can also order online!  Click:  
T-shirt designs: